Carbon X2 road test.

Carbon X2 road test.

oliver davey ·

Road test. Fast. That's pretty much all you need to know. Well there is a bit more to it.

The current generation of 'fast shoes' not only benefit from carbon plates running the length of the shoe but also from next generation 'foam' in the midsole. More evidence (both scientific and anecdotal) points to these new foams as being the greater influence on performance.

These foams (pBa) allow for greater absorption of impact to improve your running economy. Basically they take more of the effort of running, so your legs stay fresher towards the back end of your distance race and/or volume of training. Elite level athletes will use this type of shoe a number of times during a typical training week, so they feel 'less beaten up' with all the miles. This then allows them to train more or at least train at higher pace more frequently. Net result is improvement from better training.

The down side to these shoes is the cost. Between £160 and £260 does tend to make us regular runners less likely to use these shoes through the week, may be a fast interval session and then just race day. We don't tend to get the same level of benefit as the top performers who get multiple pairs of these shoes as part of a sponsorship program.

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