Do you know what recovery should look like?

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Do you know what recovery should look like?

When following a training plan or just doing your own thing, do you 'do' active recovery or just leave it out?

Normally, first reaction to the word recovery is "day off, I'm not doing that". But recovery doesn't always mean do nothing, quite far from it. Recovery allows the body's 'system' that you have just trained to catch up and form an adaption to the training load. Recovery can mean don't load that specific system again for the next 24 hours. Nothing says that you cannot train another system.

For example, Monday is a cardio/aerobic run for 60 minutes. Therefore Tuesday can be bodyweight strength, HIIT or short fast interval running with a high anaerobic loading. Wednesday can then be posture/mobility/plyometric training and some more cardio, say, long swim or cycle. Thursday can then feature longer aerobic running and a focus stretching session. So on...

The key point is 'recovery' of a system doesn't mean no training, it really means smart training. Allowing the body time to stress, adapt and recover before loading again.

Recovery can be to have time off every now and then. Sleeping and eating well are key factors to recovery. 

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