Early Winter training plans

Early Winter training plans

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With the end of the long-distance road running season upon us thoughts turn to planning 2022 events and races. Yes, hopefully we will have a full winter of cross country and a few remaining 10K races, but in the main, high-volume running is done for the year.

What should you be thinking about now? Recovery?

For many athletes a few weeks off running as a recovery is exactly what the body (and mind) is demanding. But recovery can remain active, just not as intensive as normal. Recovery can also be less running, but maybe more yoga or swimming. Recovery can also be that complete stop. There is no specific definition of recovery.

But when you do return to running again give it a focus, a specific reason, rather than just ‘start running again’. There are many different types of training. Most of us choose programs based on heart rate or effort level. Many on speed or distance goals. But not many are based on better posture or a particular ‘technique’ focus.

If we start to breakdown ‘why do we pick up injuries during run training’, the most common factor is ‘over training’. (Doing something that the body is not quite ready for. Maybe a significant increase in volume/distance/speed/hills reps etc).

Second most common factor is a lack of mobility/posture/strength.

Then the third most common reason is poor technique. The elements of good technique are asking the body to move in the most ‘effortless, effective and efficient’ way possible. With the outcomes being a better performance, reduced injury rates and hopefully more enjoyment of running.

There are many articles online and in magazines that claim to tell all athletes what the best way is to move. But how do you know if you do or do not move in that manner anyway? And really, does every single runner that reads that article need to move in that specific way? The jury is out on that philosophy.

Before you embark on a new training block, plan to not just work on distance but on better movement. Find out how you can improve on what is most suitable to your body type, training goals and current running form.

3D motion analysis session with The Active Foot Company will help to investigate your specific run action. It identifies fundamental movements that can be turned into training focus points. This data combined with our technical coaches understanding of drills and run movement will provide any athlete with specific training elements that this time of year is perfect to implement.

For more information on The Active Foot Company and its analysis and coaching programs check out our online pages on this link.

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