Improvers 10k training program

Improvers 10k training program

oliver davey ·

8 week training planner from our England Athletics endurance coach. Aimed for athletes already experienced in 10k racing who are looking to find an improvement in race time. Training sessions vary in distance, trail, road, interval and hill work. A chance to play with pace control, speed work and correct intensity recovery runs.

This level of training requires additional strength and/or mobility work. To be a fast runner you don't just run more. Get your body stronger and more agile.

All sessions will be posted each Sunday on our social media pages. Chat with other athletes getting involved and take the chance to join in our meet up sessions through the summer.

The planner is 8 weeks starting on Monday 11th July and finishing at the Worcester City Run 10k on Sept 4th

10k improvers training program

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