ParkRun Getting a Bit Too Slippery?

ParkRun Getting a Bit Too Slippery?

The darkness of autumn is here and with it comes a wet and slippery ParkRun here in Worcester. We are fortunate enough to have two options available to challenge your running and fitness, the original at Worcester Woods Country Park, and secondly at Worcester Pitchcroft Racecourse.  

Unfortunately (fortunately I guess for those who enjoy the trails!) this time of the year the route at Worcester Woods becomes wet and muddy being mostly off road. Worcester Pitchcroft a bit less so, the course being on road and off road and not so slippery. Yes, road running shoes can, and do work, however having a secondary pair of multi terrain shoes not only gives you a little extra traction underfoot but also will prolong the life of your road running shoes.

One fantastic, very affordable recommendation is the Brooks Divide 2 multi terrain running shoe. The Divide 2, available in men’s and women’s, provides plenty of Brooks’ soft cushioning making running on pavements and tarmac comfortable. Turn the shoe over, a quick look underneath at the outsole, and you’ll see it provides a bit more traction for when it gets wet, or you find yourself off road. There’s also a small stone guard hidden in there as well for a bit more protection. The Divide 2 is a stable neutral multi terrain shoe that fits most feet, being not wide or narrow.


So why not just use a full trail shoe? Yes, this is also an option, however in comparing the Brooks Divide to a Brooks Cascadia (a super cushioned trail shoe with loads of traction) the trail shoe will not only be more expensive, but it will usually be quite a bit firmer underfoot due to all the extra outsole providing more traction and grip, not to mention a bit heavier, and much more suited to full off road conditions versus the road.

If you only have a pair of road shoes and have ParkRun nearby that is off road and want a bit more confidence underfoot the Divide 2 is an excellent, affordable option, for a second pair of shoes. They’re also fantastic on wet, slippery tow paths along the canals, and also would be a fantastic option for Wyre Forest which is also nearby us here in Worcester. Don't get along with Brooks? Have a look at the Hoka Challenger ATR or the Saucony Canyon TR

Click HERE for the Women's Brooks Divide 2

Click HERE for the Men's Brooks Divide 2

Brooks Divide 2 Specifications:

Price: £100

Men’s weight: 292g Women’s weight: 261g

How much cushioning? Stack height: 25mm heel – 17mm forefoot

How high is the heel? 8mm heel to toe drop.

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