Shoe review True Motion Aion

Shoe review True Motion Aion

oliver davey ·

First things first

Yes, I was provided a pair from True Motion to test run, but was not asked to publish a review.

Have used for approx. 150 miles across a variety of distances and surfaces. Longest session 15k

I don’t have any real foot issues or running injury problems. And lucky enough to get along with a wide variety of run shoe brands and models. Current range of shoes I own (purchased) include Saucony, Hoka and Adidas.

The True Motion Aion is designed as a daily workhorse high miles training shoe, it pretty much nails it. The fit is nicely wide at the toe box but snug at the heel. When just standing still it doesn’t really feel that much to shout about. Squidgy under the heel, super soft upper fabric so nothing feels like it digs in and a not over complicated system to lace up (unlike current Mizuno shoes). Nothing too amazing.

But this shoe was designed for long easy running, so off I go. Now it’s a very different feeling. Toes have lovely space to wiggle and spread. The soft heel cushion is now taking all the work, I’m not even aware of hitting the ground. The middle of the shoe (midfoot) is a little bit on the stiff side but not a minus or plus, just is.

Moving at an easy pace on the road the Aion starts to remind me of the Kayano & Nimbus from Asics. Both of those shoes just eat up the miles and the effort to run them. But they both are very heavy whereas the Aion is not. The two Asics shoe are possibly regarded as the two most ‘protective’ running shoes in the industry. Well, I’d happily say that the Aion offers all that protection but I really didn’t notice the shoe on my foot. No big clump, no weighty feel and would have no issue take a slow 30k run in them.

Fast they are not. Nothing at all made me want to pick up to even 4 minute per k pace. They are not a speed or interval session shoe so please don’t expect to use them for that. There are other shoes in the True Motion range and across other brands much better for quicker running.

Long, steady and ‘switch off’ miles are what these are designed to do, and I’d say they do it better than the two market leading shoes already in circulation. Certainly worth a try on at a running store.

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