Performance analysis & coaching

Effective, efficient and effortless running achieved through advanced analysis, movement adaption and specific coaching.

Working with Motion Metrix 3D analysis, Footwork pressure plates, Anatomy in Motion and DMS mobility systems, our team of coaches and technicians will guide each athlete towards better movement, posture and run technique

Footwear fitting

The best service for guiding each runner to the most suitable running shoe(s). Not a run technique session, but the best footwear for your training requirements

Monday - Saturday sessions. (Booking via selection below)

£25 fee (not charged if footwear purchase is made at the session.)

Session includes

Foot width, length & depth measurements.

Foot pressure & arch height scan

Balance and mobility screening

Treadmill testing (optional)

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60 minutes 3D analysis

In-depth analysis into your specific running action. Using our 3D depth camera system your individual runnng action will be broken down into very specific elements. The session will point towards efficient movement, overworking joints and underworking technique.

Our coaching and technician team will take you through your results, chat about your movement in relation to your goal/concerns. This will be followed up with an emailed copy of your session report.

£70 fee (booking via selection below)

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90 minutes of 3D analysis & coaching

Analysis & coaching session to get into a new approach to your running and training process

Using the data collected from a few different runs using the Motion metrix 3D camera system, you and our coaching team will breakdown your movements looking for elements of ineffective technique and injury prone areas to work on.

Then our coach will work with you to establish a more effective run action using timing exercises, drills and posture cues. Together you will work through pre run routines and post run activations to encourage the body to find a natural run action that works effortlessly. The rest is down to you.

All session information is sent via email after the appointment.

£125 fee (Booking via selection below)

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Fitting and assessment sessions

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