Coaching and Analysis

Working with Motion Metrix 3D analysis equipment and force/pressure plates, the team at TAFC can guide every athlete to a better understanding of their running movement, footwear choices and key changes in training.

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Analysis services and coaching

Analysis services and coaching with The Active Foot Company. From as simple as " get me in the best run shoes" to help me achieve a sub 3hr marathon.

In depth video motion analysis.

One-2-one coaching

Foot mobility coaching

Run shoe fitting

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The Active Foot Company - Coaching and analysis services

The team at The Active Foot Company

Oli - Been at the store since 2001 a qualified England Athletics Endurance coach since 2011. Works with athletes from 800 meters up to marathon distances. Focuses on posture, mobility and efficient technique as the base to all his coaching. Not much for racing anymore but trains 5+ sessions per week.

Andy - Over 10 years at the store, Andy is a very experience ultra distance runner. Top 5 finishes (and few wins) at races in the UK and USA. Strength based focus to his training and knowledge for athletes he helps.

Simon - 8 years with the team at the store, turned from runner to the dark arts of triathlon. Having experienced the London Marathon in 2018 he almost came back to running. But really the cycling is his thing.

Sam - 3 years of part time work when not studying at UoB. Super fast track athlete of 800m & 1,500m. Although handy over 5K and X-Country, he just doesn't find it fun !

Molly - New to the team. Local club sprinter and footballer.

Motion metrix 3D analysis system

Advanced data capture camera system used the store for greater understanding of individual athletes movement. Looks into actions that the eye cannot pick up with accuracy.

Anatomy in motion

Not so much a training system, but a different angle on improving how the foot should inter act with the ground. Many issues up through the body can stem from the lower limbs reaction to load. Gary Ward and the team at Anatomy In Motion have devised a process of re-educating the foot and ankle to improve that initial connection. Used at The Active Foot Company as part of athlete coaching and foot mobility training.

Dynamic movement skills........