Altra Lone Peak 5

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The tried and true Lone Peak! As always Altra's foot shaped toe box allows for toe splay and fantastic comfort, balanced cushioning combined with a flexible yet protective feeling underfoot allows your foot to move naturally. Women's specific fit caters to the unique shape of the female foot.

The Lone Peak 5 upgrades it's cushioning from version 4.5 with Altra's EGO midsole foam providing a soft and energy returning feel. The combination of the Trail Claw lug pattern and Maxtrac rubber provide year round traction in nearly all conditions underfoot.

Long time favourite of some of the employees, used in 5km up to 100 mile ultramarathons!

Category Multi terrain
Drop / Stack height Zero / 25mm
Weight  251g

FAQ’s & Reviews

How long will the shoe last?

Altra states their shoes will last between 300 and 600 miles. Considering that most companies claim 400 miles "on average" I guess this is about right. Many factors come into play when discussing longevity of shoes; running technique, conditions, and terrain all being factors. 

Are these waterproof?

No, this Lone Peak is NOT waterproof. the material used in the upper of the shoe is water resistant. They are made to drain water quickly when submerged and the fabric does not "hold water," instead it does it's best to wick and dry out as fast as possible.

We rarely stock full waterproof trail shoes. The reason being that if water enters the shoe from the ankle it has no way to escape! The majority of trail shoes are made to expel water that has entered the shoe and dry out as quick as possible. Wet feet are inevitable trail running, so be sure to have proper running socks to prevent blisters. 

What is Zero Drop (also known as Balanced Cushioning)? 

The "drop" of a shoe is the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot. Altra shoes are equal in height, thus having a 0mm drop. In comparison a Brooks Ghost has 12mm drop (heel height being 36mm, forefoot 24mm). 

Do Altra shoes fit wide? 

Altra shoes are known for their wide foot shaped toe box, otherwise their shoes are a standard B width for women, unless otherwise stated. So, yes, they are wide in the front half of the shoe (great for bunions!) but standard through the back of the shoe. 

Do I need to transition to a zero drop shoe?  

Anytime you swap to a new shoe there will be a transition period where you get used to the differences. All shoes are different, not just Altra, and should be transitioned into from your old pair. Sometimes if a person begins using a zero drop shoe they may experience lower leg tightness due to the fact that you are using different muscles. Be aware of this and act accordingly by massaging tight or stiff areas.