Brooks Caldera 4 (664)

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Version 4 of this very comfortable, max cushioned, multi terrain run shoe. Great for longer distances over a real mix of trails & road.

360 degree upper design that fits a bit wider. Sticky rubber outsole for outstanding grip even on wet surfaces.

UK size 9 only.

Category trail / multi terrain
Drop/Stack height 4 mm (33/29)
Weight 301 g

FAQ’s & Reviews

How far on road can I use this shoe?

The Caldera is a very cushioned, so although Brooks descried this as a multi terrain style shoe, it is very well-padded shoe. We would suggest maybe no more than 4 or 5 miles on road, but there is no real correct answer.

Does this come in a wide fitting?

Sorry, no just standard width options.

Is there a waterproof version?

Sorry, but no Brooks do not make a waterproof version of the Caldera. But if you use non cotton running socks then they do dry out very quickly, so your feet will dry out. (as long as it stops raining!)