Brooks Glycerin 19 (443)

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More DNA LOFT cushioning for the softest ever experience during long training and racing. Super flex upper for a snug hold feeling to the shoe without restrictions from stitching.

Category Cushioning / Road
Drop/Stack height 10 mm (31/21)
Weight 289 g

FAQ’s & Reviews

Are these a snug fitting as previous versions?

The Glycerin 19 still has the soft fitting upper fabric that many users love. Not tight but hugging!

What is the difference between the Glycerin19 and the Glycerin19 GTS?

The GTS version offers more stability to the leg as it uses the ‘guide rails’ system built into the shoe base. The ‘non’ GTS version just lets the foot follow a natural/neutral movement. Neither change how you run, but the GTS option is a little bit firmer.

I’m looking for a fast shoe to improve my 5k times, is that the Ghost?

When you compare the Glycerin with other brands equal strength options, yes, it is one of the lighter models. But if you are looking for even lighter, then look at Brooks Launch, Saucony Kinvara or Hoka Mach 4