Advanced 3D motion metrix analysis and coaching session (Booking required)

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3d Motion metrix analysis session 90 minutes.

A session for diving deep into your running action. Not just the feet but the whole way up to the head. Including one-2-one coaching time to create personal training elements to improve running and reduce injury rates. 

  • Cadence
  • Rate of impact
  • Stride length
  • Hip/Pelvis rotation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Key areas of injury potential
  • Forward lean angles
  • Hip and Knee range of movement.
  • In depth email summary report post session.
  • one-2-one coaching time to work through the exercise and technique adaptions from the data capture. 
Fantastic hour and a half to work with a qualified run coach ironing out posture and mobility issue from the data. Perfect for athletes to understand where improvements can be made in technique, posture and realistic racing goals. But not just know what is going on, but what to implement into training to achieve a more efficient running style.

£125.00 Advance booking required. (Book here or call the store)