Hoka Men's Mach 4 (BFCT)

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Lightweight and fast, Hoka's blend of softer cushioning layered under their PROFLY mid sole gives a very cushioned yet propulsive toe-off. A fantastic shoe for those who want a lighter faster shoe or something for race day. The Mach 4 has a more generous fit compared to the Mach 3. 

"The Mach 4 feels great. It gives you a really CUSHIONED landing, perfect for floating along on the STEADIER RUNS, but still has that responsiveness when it’s TIME TO GO HARD." Thomas Davis, HOKA Athlete

Category Neutral
Drop/Stack Height 5mm (29/24mm)
Weight 232g




FAQ’s & Reviews

How long will the shoe last?

On average Hoka claim their cushioning will last approx. 400 miles. The life of the shoe varies from user to user due to characteristics of running style and terrain.

Race shoe or training shoe?

The Mach 4 has enough structure and stability to be used as a lightweight daily training shoe, however is light enough, and due to the layer of firmer ProFly cushioning, an excellent choice for racing any distance. 

Should I buy the Carbon X2 or the Mach 4? 

The Carbon X2 will have a much firmer feel due to having the carbon plate and has a much more aggressive rocker to it. If you prefer a plusher, more forgiving feeling shoe go with the Mach 4! Both are fantastic racing and training shoes, the choice will be personal preference.