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60 Minute 3D Motion Metrix Gait and Technique Analysis Session

60 Minute 3D Motion Metrix Gait and Technique Analysis Session

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Shoes, watches and compression sleeves can only do so much to improve our training and performance. The biggest influence on your running comes from you. But knowing the most efficient, economical and effortless movement involves a degree of investigation. Not just for elite runners, but for those who have any goals or objectives on their bucket list, looking to make running more efficient and economical.  

An in-depth analysis into your specific running action. Using our 3D depth camera system your individual running action will be broken down into very specific elements. The session will point towards efficient movement, overworking joints and underworking technique.

Our coaching and technician team will take you through your results, chat about your movement in relation to your goals/concerns. This will be followed up with an emailed copy of your session report.

A session for diving deep into your running action. Not just the feet but the whole way up to the head.

  • Cadence
  • Rate of impact
  • Stride length
  • Hip/Pelvis rotation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Key areas of injury potential
  • Forward lean angles
  • Hip and Knee extension and flexion.
  • And much more!

Perfect for runners of all abilities to understand where improvements can be made in technique, posture and realistic racing goals. Also a fantastic hour that can provide your therapist team with data that cannot be seen by the eye as they look into your running injury issues.

£70.00 Booking Required.

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