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Hoka Rincon 3 (SCPP)

Hoka Rincon 3 (SCPP)

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Looking for lightweight AND cushion? Hoka's Rincon 3 brings it! Cushion for long days but lightweight for race day! Unbelievable, but this 3rd version is actually lighter than the previous 2nd! This is a standard fitting B width! Also available in a wide D width.

Category Neutral
Drop/Stack Height 5mm (24/29)
Weight 176g

 FAQ’s & Reviews

How long will the shoe last?

On average Hoka claim their cushioning will last approx. 400 miles. The life of the shoe varies from user to user due to characteristics of running style and terrain. Lighter weight shoes usually mean less material, we've noticed in this shoe that if you scuff your feet when you run the outsole (bottom of the shoe) can wear sooner. This has been improved from previous version of this shoe however. 

Race shoe or daily trainer? 

The Hoka Rincon is incredibly light for how much cushion it provides. Hence it makes a fantastic race day shoe for someone who prefers a soft feeling underfoot. If you want a firmer, more responsive shoe from Hoka look at the Mach 3, 4 or Carbon X2. 

If you don't like heavy clunky shoes for daily miles the Rincon has the softness underfoot similar to heavier models but it strips away the heavier upper material that wraps your foot. 


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