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ZeroPoint Pro Racing Compression Calf Sleeve (BLU/GREY)

ZeroPoint Pro Racing Compression Calf Sleeve (BLU/GREY)

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Designed to keep muscles in optimal condition in endurance sports. Ideal for those who suffer from calf problems or shin splints

Pro Racing Calf sleeves will reduce the sense of fatigue and boost performance. The calf sleeve has extra padded, yet thin, support on the back for the big muscles around your calf. This sleeve will support you during intense sports and endurance activities.

”I use my Calf Sleeves in every game and practice. Calves are very important muscle in my sport and these Sleeves make my calves less tired and speeds up my recovery.”
– Daniel de Souza Maciel, Professional Volleyball Player

Compression level: High

Usable for

 running    lifting  athletics   cycling
 ball games

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