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Enertor Performance Insoles

Enertor Performance Insoles

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Fantastic way to add a bit more cushioning and support to your current shoes. Work great with any footwear with a removable insole. 

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"The Enertor Performance Full Length Insole have been designed by leading podiatrists using patented D30 smart material, which offers the most advanced protection yet against injuries. Favoured by Usain Bolt, it’s no wonder why. 

The insoles offer additional support and stability to ensure an optimal lower limb positioning while running, which has been proven to help reduce foot and heel pain for over 91% wearers.

The D30 patented smart material has unrivalled shock absorption for advanced impact protection. The molecules within the material lock together to absorb and disperse the energy on impact before instantly returning to its original flexible state.

The material has been engineered to also deliver 36% energy return for the highest performance and shorter recovery times, so you can get the most out of your running."

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