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Hoka Women's Clifton 9 (CRSCL)

Hoka Women's Clifton 9 (CRSCL)

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Hoka's Clifton is a maximum cushioned stable neutral road shoe that feels light, strong and super soft underfoot. Suitable for any ability or distance. The Clifton 9 adds a softer cushioning foam, a more durable outsole, and a more secure upper. Also available in a wide fitting D Width.   

Category Neutral
Drop/Stack Height 5mm (29/24mm)
Weight 205g

FAQ’s & Reviews

How long will the shoe last?

On average Hoka claim their cushioning will last approx. 400 miles. The life of the shoe varies from user to user due to characteristics of running style and terrain.

How much stability does this provide?

The Hoka Clifton is a very stable neutral running shoe. Despite looking high off the ground your foot sits "inside" the cushioning rather than on top providing stability all around. As with most Hoka shoes they have a very large foot print as well giving you a solid base of support under foot. 

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